Leray put Benzino on blast when he took to Twitter to suggest that a collaboration between he and his daughter would shake the game up and proclaiming his pride in the success that she's enjoyed in her young career thus far while taking credit in helping get her this far in life.

The struggle continues for Benzino with no foreseeable end in sight. He has responded to 50 Cent after the king of petty put his alleged romantic dealings with a transgender individual.

There seems to be no end to 50 Cent’s pettiness. All signs are pointing to him alleging that Young Buck is gay in a new social media post.

After a slight delay, the world has finally received the highly anticipated single one month after Benzino, father of Coi Leray, announced the collaboration on Clubhouse--resulting in the project almost

Benzino has put his foot in mouth yet again. He has formally apologized to his daughter Coi Leray for revealing she has a Nicki Minaj feature locked in.


Benzino has yet to respond to X's response, but y'all know sooner or later he'll say something and probably dig himself into a deeper hole.


Good to see family workout their issues even if it is via social media.

Benzino is still salty at some folks almost 20 years later after the fact. One individual is hitting him where it hurts.

Benzino challenged the rappers to a VERZUZ battle, which didn't get the response he hoped.

Unless you are Ja Rule and 50 Cent time has proven to be the healer all Hip-Hop beefs. Unfortunately Benzino still wants all the smoke with Eminem.

Benzino is in the news again, and it doesn't have do with Love & Hip Hop or The Source magazine. The Boston rapper turned reality star was arrested for property damage due to a jealous rage, allegedly.


From his sex tape in the 00's to his days on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Benzino's love life has been all kinds of struggle hot tea that viewers just can't get enough of.