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Not too long ago up and coming artist, Coi Leray told The Breakfast Club that she and her famous father, Ray Benzino were working on their strained relationship, but now it seems like things are getting derailed as she recently blasted her daddy after he attempted to shower her with support.

Complex is reporting that Leray put Benzino on blast when he took to Twitter to suggest that a collaboration between he and his daughter would shake the game up and proclaiming his pride in the success that she’s enjoyed in her young career thus far while taking credit in helping get her this far in life.

“Man listen..if me and my daughter Coi did a project right now y’all mfs would be in trouble. Big Faxx,” he began. “… to all u weirdo mfs who like to throw shade at me about MY daughter understand this, she’s MY DAUGHTER, I made her, raised her, love her & proud of everything she’s doing. Y’all just met her, I’ve known CC my whole life. So keep supporting her because if she’s wins, then I WON.”

He went on to address “weirdos” who have opinions on his relationship with his daughter, but after Coi got wind of what her daddy was saying on social media, she decided to throw her two cents in and basically insinuated that things between them weren’t as rosy as Zino was making it seem saying “You want me to post these screen shots of what you said to me?”

Seeing that he might’ve been speaking too soon and too often, Benzino then tweeted that “the best response to an idiot is no response at all.”

Makes you wonder what exactly Coi had in the chamber ready to go as it pertained to her father. Whatever it was it was enough to get Benzino to fall back and dead his Twitter fingers.

As of late Benzino has been making some noise for his track, “Zino Vs. the Planet” in which he touches on his relationship with his daughter and even his beef with 50 Cent (hella random), but while 50 has been ignoring Zino’s pointed words, Ben’s daughter doesn’t seem to have a problem calling her daddy out for trying too hard. Maybe because he threatened her and her mom not too long after her Breakfast Club interview.

My dad is texting my mom threatening her and me because I said he went broke on the breakfast club on the day of my album release,” she tweeted earlier this month. “I hate to bring this shit to social media but my father need help. Sorry if I offended you on breakfast club but don’t treatment me or my mom because you hate to admit that we went broke after the source.”

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Coi will ever release whatever texts she was referring to in her tweets. Must be bad if Benzino clammed up immediately after getting threatened with their release.