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At this point you either think 50 Cent is a great businessman or the pettiest millionaire right behind Donald Trump. His former talent is now free and is barking back.

As spotted on Complex Young Buck is is no longer behind bars. For those who not in the know the “Shorty Wanna Ride” rapper recently spent four months on child abandonment charges from Newton County, Georgia. In December 2019 local Cheatham County, Tennessee badges booked him. On Thursday, May 14 he came home and in true struggle rapper fashion he took to Instagram. He spoke to fellow Memphis artist DJ Paul Of Three 6 Mafia on a live stream.

The man born David Darnell Brown updated fans on how is he is doing. Naturally the topic of Fofty came up and he addressed the accusations that he is still in debt to his G-Unit Records CEO. “Homie claimed that I had owed him and sh*t, all of that bullsh*t,” he explained. “I know I don’t owe n***a but even me at a point of time, Paul, I got to the place where I was like, you know what, I just want to get the work, f*** it, I’ll pay him. So I even got to a point where I even tried to pay the n***a.”

Curtis says that Buck owes him $300,000 dollars from unpaid loans allegedly. Buck added that he did put $150,000 towards the balance and some more in the following 30 days. He went on to let the world know he will do what needs to be done in order to get right. “I done filed bankruptcy before in my career, I’ll do it again,” he said. “I didn’t file no bankruptcy, technically, to get out the contract. I filed the bankruptcy to be like ‘Look, if I owe you n***a, show me what I owe you.'”

50 Cent infamously put his poor financial management skills on blast 11 years ago when he secretly recorded Buck apologizing for playing with his money. You can watch the video from the Instagram Live below.

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