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Quiet as kept, Jay Z’s Magna Carter Tour has started its engine and is sure to bring heat in the ensuing winter months.

It wouldn’t be so quiet if his Watch the Throne co-host, Kanye West wasn’t making his album’s promo run, the Yeezus tour, the grand center of attention.

Shawn Carter is arguably the biggest rap star there ever was, but he’s not one for the theatrics. It’s all about the music, hence the tour’s stage name.

Speaking of which, that whole “music” thing still sparks an argument six months removed from its release. It’s worth noting that the album’s rollout and calculation caused it to be a record-breaker but, it was definitely not one of Hov’s finest moments behind the mic.

Which is where we offer up a few suggestions.

Obviously artists release albums these days solely to spring a tour from but sometimes we don’t just want to buy the old albums. Rolling Stone recently printed the setlist for the tour (subject to change, of course) and we took heed to it and offered up a few alternatives that could be just as suitable.

Proceed on to gallery to see the current setlist and pick off which ones you would swap out for our selections.

Photo: Kevin P. Coughlin/New York Daily News

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