Struggle drug dealers need struggle mules to move their product from point A to point B. Case in point, the woman who was busted trying to smuggle cocaine via a “diaper” she was wearing made of duct tape was just sentenced to two years in the bing.

Yes, this really did happen.

Reports the New York Daily News:

A Staten Island woman was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison for smuggling cocaine into the U.S. that was hidden inside her girdle.

Michelle Blassingale was busted on Jan. 26 at Kennedy Airport after she was arriving on a JetBlue Airlines flight from the Dominican Republic.

Blassingale, 36, was selected for further questioning because Customs and Border Protection officers observed that she “walked with an awkward gait,” according to papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Her traveling companion, Priscilla Pena, also appeared nervous and was patted down as well.

The officers felt a “hard package” beneath both women’s pants and received approval to perform a partial strip search. They discovered the women were wearing girdles resembling diapers which each contained more than 2.5 kilos of cocaine pellets.

Blassingdale has eight prior arrests and told authorities she agreed to smuggle the coke ($85,000 worth) in exchange for $9000. Pena has plead guilty but has yet to be sentenced.

[Spotted at Gothamist]

Photos: U. S. Customs & Border Protection

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