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Mark Wahlberg has been an accomplished actor for so long it’s hard to remember he was started his climb up Hollywood’s ladder as a rapper in the early 90s.

His short-lived rap career has morphed into a life of movies and red carpets and Blogxilla recently caught up with the Tinseltown vet during a promo run for his upcoming Navy SEAL film, Lone Survivor.

When poised with the question on who’s the best rapper-turned-actor, Wahlberg pondered for a minute with a mischievous grin. Will Smith, LL Cool J and Ice Cube have also went on to great success on the silver screen and they also had very lucrative rap careers to boot.

Putting a spin on the question, he quotes “I’m certainly the best white rapper-turned actor.”

Although the pickings are slim in the category, it was an obvious nudge at Eminem.

Despite doing a bang-up job in the fan-favorite, box office smash 8 Mile in 2002, Eminem has been somewhat reluctant to pursue a consistent acting career. He’s made cameo appearances in HBO’s Entourage (where ironically Wahlberg served as the show’s executive producer) and Adam Sandler’s Happy People, but not too much else worth noting.

Watch the rest of the video interview to see Marky Mark discuss the movie’s background and 2Pac’s legacy as an actor.

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