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Angel Haze is a living example that sometimes you have to take music matters into your own hands to get a label to move at the pace you want them to.

Yesterday afternoon, December 18, the rebellious newcomer gave the entire Internet an unauthorized listening party for her debut album, Dirty Gold as she put it up for stream on her Soundcloud account. While the response to such an audacious move seemed to be overwhelmingly positive, Island/Republic Records wasn’t co-signing giving away what they could potentially sell and the music was swiftly removed.

Now it looks like a signing has taken place; a peace treaty of sorts as Angel Haze proudly took to her Facebook and announced that her album will released in eleven days on December 30.

In a brief but bold statement, she justified her actions and thanked her fans for their continuous support as she’s set to release on the last possible music sales day of the year.

Behind every rebel is a f*cking reason. Just want to say thank you guys for your support. Thanks to those who heard the album and f*cked with it. Thanks to everyone who stood up for me. My labels didn’t think that I would do it, but I did. It’s hard to put at risk everything I’ve spent this year working on but I had to for both me and you guys. No one should ever be afforded the opportunity to fuck with your dreams. REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE. They do not own you or your faith or your future and because of what you guys helped me show them. My labels have agreed to release Dirty Gold December 30th. UK & US. (Rest of the world, we are coming for you as well). Thank you all.

It has been that type of year where artists, specifically female ones have decided to take control of their own marketing to shake of the game. The most famous example of course would be BeyoncĂ© who released her self-titled “black album” which has edged platinum sales in less than a week on iTunes.

Click over to the next page to see the album’s tracklist, album cover and lead single since there’s a bit of hype now.

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