Is it safe to say that the music career of R. Kelly is coming to an abrupt stop or a screeching halt?

Apparently, it may be about that time to cash out the chips with the singer delivering the breaking news that he has 15 more chapters in store for the saga of “Trapped In The Closet”.

Beginning in 2005 and stretching all the way to 2007 with 22 episodes, who is even aware of what’s the last thing that even happened?

Was there a little person that got impregnated by a stripper or something?

Whatever the case may be, Kelz has decided to leave it in the hands of the fans as to whether or NOT he should release the tapes.

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According to the singer, EVERYBODY has been asking and as the supplier he is ready to meet the demand if that is indeed what the public wants.

Outside of the presumed upcoming continuance, there have been rumors that Kelz is actually in the process of creating his next music project, reported to be titled Zodiac, but there is only speculation as of now and no further details on the release.

What happened to the days when the world made sense?