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It’s do or die, now or never for you holiday 2013 consumers. Today, December 20 marks the last 72 hour weekend before Christmas arrives and the gifts need to be under the tree, signed, sealed and delivered.

The main reason retail stores are so crowded this time of year is simply, everyone procrastinates; nobody is exempt. We begrudgingly look at the calendar upon that first holiday commercial during Halloween and convince yourself that there’s still plenty of time until you’re staring at December’s 20s ready to free fall out top story of an office building.

All the cool kids stay grounded and if you’re one of the millions of Americans grasping for ideas in this short window of shopping time, save your bullet sweat for the checkout line. Hip-Hop Wired has you covered this year in this Christmas crunchtime.

We compiled a list that consists of the primary G’s: gear, gadgets and gifts for your girl. Sometimes when you give fellas, the presents you receive in return are priceless.

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