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Rappers aren’t getting too much credit for their actual lyrics these days. Sure, the rhythms and cadences are more catchy than ever but combining those traits with actual stories to be told in 2013 reveals a deadlier breed of MC. Longtime fans of Problem already know his escalating buzz isn’t a result of anything that’s remotely gimmicky or socially media driven. In such a short time frame, he’s released nine mixtapes (yes, nine) and possesses a sound that’s transcendent in every region afflicted with the Hip-Hop Holy Ghost.

Being independent may be the next cool trend to floss flag in Hip-Hop but the amount of work offset with the lack of actual sleep isn’t for the fainthearted. The Diamond Lane Music Group, which consists of Problem, Bad Lucc and R&B songstress, Casha have banded together for the long haul with the belief that their custom-made package trumps all challengers.

Hip-Hop Wired is all about supporting those who support themselves and Problem a.k.a. Young Chachi is the latest entry in the Certified Fresh Hall Of Fame. All the buzz surrounding the new veteran (more on that in a minute) comes off the heels of his recently released Understand Me EP, whose self-titled single lays it all on the line for those inquiring.

Who: Problem. A rapper who encompasses the best of both worlds as far as rap subgenres are concerned. Rappers with a more stilted or should we say, debilitated flow are usually counted out as just trolling until their jig is up but not only can the Left Coaster bob and weave his nouns and verbs with the best of them, his G-Funk production choices never fail to give any party (or show) a rousing jolt of energy.

Credentials: For better or worse, Hip-Hop has created a foundation for new artists to pay dues. Thankfully Problem’s solo star was able to shine brighter than most so he could reap his own benefits. Starting off as a writer for Snoop Dogg during his Ego Trippin’ days, the West Coast legend gave him his first big look on a track off Malice N Wonderland titled “Upside Down.” From there, other Western all-stars such as Terrace Martin, Game and E-40 began to take notice.

Fun Fact: Problem is likened to Compton but his actually birth place was in Germany. His father was in the service in the 80s and young Jason Martin was born shortly before his family relocated to California.

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