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Chief Keef has proven time and again that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. A recent picture he posted to his Instagram account cemented this notion even further.

Posted yesterday (December 30th), Sosa is seen flaunting his newly inked stomach tattoo. Nothing wrong with that right? Upon further inspection, one of his male associates is sitting on the toilet in the bathroom in what seems to be a moment of relieving himself.

Keef posts another shot shortly after and the same unidentified man is in the identical awkward position. Things get even more weird when you notice that the “I Don’t Like” rapper is shirtless with his hands pulling up his pants. And what is up with the toilet brush sitting on the desk back there?

With all the suspect factors going on in these photos and the Internets having no chill, the comments were appropriately slanderous.

Flip over the pages to see the photos in question and a couple of the best replies from his fans.

Photos: Instagram

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