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BlackBerry just took another L, sort of. After naming singer Alicia Keys its Global Creative Director on January 30, 2013, she will be leaving the position a year to the day. 

The CBC News service broke the news with a tweet, which reads: “Singer Alicia Keys will no longer be #BlackBerry global creative director as of Jan. 30, according to company.”

Reports CTV News:

BlackBerry has insisted that Keys had a more direct involvement in its operations, highlighting her work on a four-year scholarship program that encouraged young women to enter specific science and technology fields.

The company brought Keys onto the team last January at the splashy New York launch of its BlackBerry 10 smartphone line, which was supposed to mark a new beginning for the well-known brand.

She appeared at numerous corporate events throughout the year and in some promotional material.

“We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented and passionate individual,” the company said in an emailed statement.

Of course the next question asked is did Keys quit or was she fired? The spin will probably be that her contract was up. But take that as you will.

Also, besides appearing in a commercial or two, what exactly did she do during her tenure?

Considering the “Girl On Fire” singer and her hubby Swizz Beatz’s thriving musical careers, she’ll be alright.

[Spotted at Engadget]

Photo: BlackBerry