After holding on for dear life, Blackberry has decided to pull the plug on its devices, well, the older models.

In a world dominated by keyboard-less smartphones like Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy flagship devices, Blackberry refuses to get sucked in the cellphone abyss never to return.

Blackberry is still alive and kicking, and today the red edition of its KEY2 device is now available in the US sporting some marginal upgrades.

We learned that a Ja Rule & Ashanti album is on the way and with this latest news we will continue to wonder what year we are in? Blackberry’s latest smartphone is on the horizon, and they hope there are still enough BBM fans out there who care.

Drake famously, or infamously, once “freestyled” off of his Blackberry phone. That was five years ago, but reportedly the YMCMB rapper is in talks to formally co-sign the a Blackberry smartphone.

BlackBerry just took another L, sort of. After naming singer Alicia Keys its Global Creative Director on January 30, 2013, she will be leaving the position a year to the day. 

Either Alicia Keys hasn’t quite broken up with her iPhone, or someone is out to get her. Since she’s been named the Global Creative Director of Blackberry, Keys should be taking every opportunity to promote the reboot the fledgling technology empire, but some sneaky hacker won’t allow that.

BlackBerry is between a rock and a hard place right now. Today the company revealed its new Z10 model in hopes of once again becoming a viable opponent in the smartphone race, announced Alicia Keys as its “Global Creative Director,” and changed its company name from RIMM to BlackBerry.

Swizz Beatz isn’t the only music in the family with a cushy side gig. Today, Alicia Keys was announced as the new Global Creative Director of BlackBerry.

The reign of the BlackBerry has come to an end. A report done by the New York Times chronicles the fall of the BlackBerry, which— ever since the popularity of iPhone and Android phones —is now being spoken about like an   “embarrassing relative.” BlackBerry owners interviewed in the article spilled the beans behind their technology struggles. One man said […]

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