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There are some rappers that come into the game and feel that as long as people are hungry for the material, they will continue to supply the demand.  Others, however, have a clear path and once the work is done, they will move on.

Mr. Moonman Kid Cudi is one that was ready to retire from rap before his debut even dropped, but now the rapper states that it will only take three more albums to get his full message across and then his journey in music will be completed.

Just to keep track on the count, Cudi is preparing his sophomore debut, Cudder: The Revolution of Evolution, so that will leave two, maybe three, albums left in the tank before Cudi gives a curtain call for the last time.

Speaking on his decision with NY Mag, the rapper elaborated on how he plans to fully embrace his ability in acting and make the transition into a full time profession.

“I’m trying to evenly balance them out right now, but eventually I want to leave behind music and just do acting.  I only got into the music business to tell my story and inspire some people.  I think four albums will do it, and when I’m done with my four, five albums, I’ll switch it up.  Once the story is told, there’s nothing else to say.”

Those check from “How To Make It In America” must be stretching far.

Cudi does have a point as once the message is out, some rappers are just lagging around picking up dust in the industry without a purpose.  Let’s hope that he is looking to treat every release as his last and leave something for the fans to truly miss.