Kid Cudi is no stranger to television, appearing in HBO’s short-lived How To Make It In America series. The Cleveland native returns to the small screen this fall in a new FOX comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

HBO Cancels ‘How To Make It In America’ Despite showing promise after a couple of seasons, today HBO announced that it is canceling ‘How To Make It In America.’ The series followed the exploits of Ben Epstein (actor Bryan Greenberg) and Cam Calderon (Victor Rasuk), a pair of savvy NYC fashion designers on the come […]

There are some rappers that come into the game and feel that as long as people are hungry for the material, they will continue to supply the demand.  Others, however, have a clear path and once the work is done, they will move on. Mr. Moonman Kid Cudi is one that was ready to retire […]

The buzz around Kid Cudi continues to grow with each track the youngster jumps on. Heralded as the best gift the Midwest has given since Kanye and R.Kelly, and for good reason, his mixtape A Kid Named Cudi was one of the best to grace ears in ages. In spite of his mixtape fame, having […]