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The shocking accusations that surround Jacole Prince are so heinous, she probably doesn’t deserve to be considered a mother ever again.

Prince, 30 kept her 10-year-old daughter in a closet littered with her own excrement and malnourished her to the point where she only weighed 32 pounds while resembling a toddler.

The courts are only identifying the child as “LP,” but they’re also looking at the possibility of having Prince checked out for mental illness.

Her descension towards The Dark Side of parenting began in 2007 when she told doctors she withheld food and water from LP in an effort to potty train her.

Ridiculous. If convicted on all charges, she could get 20 years in prison.

Reports Kansas City Star:

She conceded that prosecutors had enough evidence for a jury to convict her of first-degree assault and child abuse, so with her public defender at her side, Prince entered pleas known as Alford pleas on those counts. As for the third felony charge — endangering the welfare of a child — she pleaded guilty.

“Do you want me to accept your guilty pleas?” Judge John Torrence asked Prince, 30.

LP was rescued June 22, 2012, when a social worker and a police officer responding to a state hotline call discovered the girl in the closet. Her story shocked the community and prompted a battle over the release of records after child tragedies.

Her boyfriend, Marcus Benson was also arrested. Not because of his involvement with this case however, but for his presence around a child younger than the age of 17.

The story is bad enough to be banned from TV. Peep the gallery for flicks of Prince, who looked like she missed a few showers herself.

Photo: The Kansas City Star, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

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