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Lil Za is in the running for world’s dumbest rapper criminal and a street survey would probably turn up to very few people knowing him for his work.

After being busted on drug charges (some say it’s cocaine, others say it was Molly; whatever all white drugs are bad) during a raid at Justin Bieber’s home, he was booked and charged on felony drug possession.

The frustrations of prison are understandable but in a genius move, Lil Za reportedly flipped out and slammed a phone to pieces while in lockup.

With the entire world watching and TMZ eager to catch him slipping, the cops made an example of him and called it a felony just for the helluva it.

Sources tell us Za was minutes from posting bail and getting released from custody after getting busted for drug possession at Bieber’s house this morning — and then for some reason he flipped out and smashed a phone in the jailhouse.

We’re told Za was almost immediately re-booked for vandalism.

Best of all, depending on the value of the phone … this could also be a felony — to go along with his felony drug bust.

The good news is with the alleged paraphilia being ecstasy, he’s looking at a much lesser charge.

The bad news?

It will still likely result in jail time and that means he’ll need money for soap on a rope.

Photo: TMZ