More evidence that Michelle Obama is simply the greatest. The First Lady is seen dunking in a promo video for the Let’s Move! organization featuring players from the Miami Heat.

As the Heat’s head coach Erik Spoelstra chats it up about healthy living and eating with Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen, lurking in the background are Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Obama.

Near the end of the clip, AIR FLOTUS thros down a mean dunk. King James shouts “In your face!” while Obama let’s out an “Oh!!!” ¬†Yes, it was one of those Nerf like mini-hoops, but it was still damn funny.

The spot was probably shot during the Miami Heat’s latest visit to the White House. We’re guessing the FLOTUS did all this in heels because she’s smooth like that.

There will surely be some people that find a problem with this. Those same people probably suck at life, though.

Check out the full vid on the flip and gif below, courtesy of SB Nation.

Photo: YouTube

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