Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is embarking on a book tour for her upcoming book release, and she will be joined by notable guests such as Ellen DeGeneres & Oprah Winfrey among others serving as moderators.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden welcomed former President Barack Obama & former First Lady Michelle Obama to the White House for the unveiling of their official portraits. The ceremony in the East Room put back in place a tradition that was observed in presidential succession until former President Donald J. Trump declined to schedule the ceremony during his term.

Back in October, it was announced that former First Lady Michelle Obama—one of the very few First Ladies the Negro delegation recognizes (hell, maybe the only one)—would be making a guest appearance on the eighth and final season of the hit series Black-ish.

The team behind ABC's "Black-ish" announced that former First Lady Michelle Obama will be making a guest appearance as herself on the show through social media on Thursday afternoon.

After former First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about the rise of racially charged events that have occurred over the past few years in an upcoming interview, many on right-wing Twitter are lashing out.

According to the announcement, our forever First Lady is launching her new children's show, “Waffles + Mochi,” to Netflix this spring and it stars a couple of adorable puppets — and one very familiar face--her's. Sharing the news via an announcement on social media, Michelle Obama revealed that she will be prominently featured in the upcoming food-themed adventure series alongside her puppet friends, Waffles, who is a blue puppet with her namesake breakfast sticking out of fuzzy white hair, and her pal Mochi is a smiling little pink rice cake; who go on adventures to cook and try new food.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is so fed up with Donald Trump's antics after refusing to concede to President-elect Joe Biden that she wrote a lengthy Instagram post to eloquently tell him to man up and take the loss like an adult.

"What the president is doing is once again patently false, it’s morally wrong, and yes, it is racist," Obama says of Trump.

This proves that President Obama is definitely a patient person as this is one of the more difficult card games to learn.

Michelle Obama's speech at last night's first-ever virtual Democratic National Convention was highly anticipated, and the forever First Lady delivered. In her keynote speech, she eloquently dragged Donald Trump for filth, asserting that he is just not a viable option to lead this country, and that it is what it is. 

Michelle Obama reveals her private struggle with "low-grade depression" in the latest episode of her podcast on Spotify. Between George Floyd's death, Trump's "hypocrisy" and the stress of living under quarantine, she's struggled to keep it all together. Don't worry. She assures fans he's doing just fine these days.

Michelle Obama is once again expanding her professional resume, this time she's adding podcaster to her list of talents. At the end of the month, The Michelle Obama Podcast is scheduled to go live with the first episode, the first season of the show is aimed at helping listeners open new and “hard conversations” with their loved ones--starting with Obama's own family.