Google isn’t the only entity that takes issue with Rap Genius. Rapper Homeboy Sandman took the lyric transcription site to task recently for butchering his lyrics, among other problems he has with the way they do business. 

The Stones Throw Records artist posted a message on his Facebook page today (January 24) detailing his beef. Part of his note reads:

please no tagging or posting any alleged “homeboy sandman lyrics” from rapgenius to this page. those disrespectful irresponsible d*cks seemingly purposefully publish “lyrics” to my songs that are so horrifically incorrect that it seems whoever transcribed them was listening to two songs at once. i have never written a a single lyric that makes no sense when written as prose. not even one. so, certainly not most. those clowns will have you think i’m just blurting out random words. they create “verified artist” pages without ever contacting the artists that people then think have verified something. they have no concern whatsoever for grossly misrepresenting people’s art. if you want homeboy sandman lyrics, listen to the song and figure them out. (and if what you figure out makes no f*ckin sense, then listen closer) or wait until i post them here as i often do.

Rap Genius has collaborated with rappers to confirm their lyrics. Nevertheless, it sounds like Sandman has some legitimate points.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.

Homeboy Sandman’s latest project, an EP called White Sands, is due in stores February 25.

[Spotted at Gawker]

Photo: Facebook/Gavin Thomas

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