homeboy sandman

The release of the official soundtrack for Birth Of A Nation brings us new tracks from Nas (“War” featuring Raye), Pusha T and Meek Mill (“Black Moses” featuring Priscilla Renea), Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne (“Oh Lord”), and more.

Today’s Wired Tracks highlights a pair of songs from newcomers who are quickly becoming the voice of the streets on their respective coasts.

Ty Dolla $ign is repackaging his debut album, Free TC, with bonus tracks for your listening pleasure. One gem arrives today, titled “Long Time,” featuring Quavo.

Representing Stones Throw, Homeboy Sandman offers up his new single, “America, The Beautiful,” from his upcoming LP, Hallways.

Homeboy Sandman, regarded as one of the more gifted and brilliant rappers in the game, also moonlights as a columnist of strong opinion and thought. The Stones Throw rapper took aim at the Donald Sterling controversy in a new piece, using an attention-grabbing angle of calling Blacks cowards in response to Los Angles Clippers team response […]

Google isn’t the only entity that takes issue with Rap Genius. Rapper Homeboy Sandman took the lyric transcription site to task recently for butchering his lyrics, among other problems he has with the way they do business. 

A handful of leaks and a few weeks worth of heightened anticipation later, Blu and Nottz return will the full stream of their Gods In the Spirit EP.

As far as upcoming releases go, Blu and Nottz seem to be cooking up one of the most potent of the bunch with Gods In The Spirit. With a few previous leaks already circulating the Internets, the duo debut a new record called “Crooks In Castles.”

Project after project, Queens MC Homeboy Sandman proves that he’s one of the illest emceeing. But let him tell it, he’s more than a rapper; he’s a “Musician.”

August is already 3/4ths of the way through and before you know it t shirt and cargo shorts weather will yield to pants and pullovers weather again (Unless Kendrick Lamar can stop the seasons from changing, that is…). Before that happens, we here at Hip-Hop Wired have 20 indie & underground Hip-Hop albums from this […]

If pure, unfiltered lyricism is your thing, then you will appreciate Homeboy Sandman. Fans of the Queens bred MC will certainly attest, but here’s more proof via a new release titled “The Plot Thickens.” The cut is the third single in a string of new material, all of which will lead to Sandman’s forthcoming project, Kool […]

Rappers often bear pipe dreams in form of a promise to create visuals for each track from their album. And at this point, if your name isn’t Rick Ross you’ll be hard pressed for anyone to take your claims seriously. It would be ignorant to say that a short list of artists haven’t made an […]