UPDATE: Images removed by Paramount. Use your Turtle imagination and watch the episode from 1987 instead. R.I.P. James Avery!

Fearful that Michael Bay may royally f*ck up the opportunity to successfully bring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back to the big screen? It’s a legitimate concern but from the looks of it, the characters in the Bay-produced film adaptation are coming together nicely. posted (and then deleted) alleged images from the film.

Coincidentally, the photos look much better than that of the struggle Halloween costumes rumored to be from the movie. We didn’t really buy the notion of a movie studio –in the year 2014, no less — actually approving those homemade costumes anyway, and thankfully we were right.

The new stills are blurry, but one shows what looks like Leonardo (because of the swords) but could be Donatello (the bandana looks a purple) rocking a bamboo chest plate. Oh, and Jesus sandals.

Other shots show close-ups of the Donatello and Leonardo turtle models, plus a picture of Megan Fox (who will be playing Ninja Turtle confidant, April O’Neal).

Shredder is also in the picture mix.  As i09 pointed out, he looks pretty intense. Kind of like a medieval-era karate cyborg with lots of sharp edges (living up to his name, apparently).

If anything,  the outfit alone will give the TMNT a run for their money, but don’t  be fooled by the strings holding up  their flimsy little sandals, we all know the heroes in a half-shell will prevail.

Hit the gallery for pics,  and feel free to critique them in the comments section below.

Turtle power!

Photo: CBS

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