Producers don’t always get their just due, yet they are just  as important to the song story as the artist. If you didn’t know by now, a good beat can make or break a record, just as a good lyric can ruin a hot beat.

That said, music production isn’t merely an afterthought. In this day in Hip-Hop the producer can be as celebrated as any rapper, which is why our “Beatmakers” feature series was born.  The series  highlights producers on the rise, along with those already racking up monster records, and working with music heavyweights.

The idea of Beatmakers is to shed light on rap and Hip-Hop producers in the game with a passion and love for music– whatever that sound may be.

Since we kicked off “Beatmakers” last year, Hip-Hop Wired has shared stories from the likes of  Key Wane (Big Sean, Drake, Beyoncé), Alex da Kid (Eminem, Rihanna, Imagine Dragons), 1500 or Nothin’ leader Larrance Dopson (Game, Snoop, Lupe Fiasco),  and newcomer Sage the Gemini (“Gas Pedal,” “Red Nose”). For the final installment of January 2014, we’ve rounded up a  batch of five beatmakers you need to know.

Peep them in the gallery below.


Photos:, Tumblr, Nardovich, Instagram, YouTube, Myspace, Twitter

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