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Beyoncé’s performance at the 56th Grammy Awards pleased some, angered others but no one can ever accuse the reigning music queen of never putting forth an effort. And thanks to her newfound love for Tumblr, one doesn’t have to speculate on what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling. She has no problem sharing intimate details with fans and critics alike.

The most recent revealing photos King Bey shared with the world are in fact, just that. Revealing. During her rehearsal segment for her “Drunk In Love” opener with husband Jay Z, she donned a sheer bodysuit, wearing nothing more than lingerie and an undershirt.

Although it was a shocking and rousing way to kick off the Grammy Awards, everyone didn’t share in her sexy vision. A parent group voiced their outrage over her brazen sexuality and a columnist at the New York Post even went as far as to say Jay Z acted as his wife’s pimp.

There is a safe assumption to say that they will take issue with the pics in the gallery.

Photo: Robin Harper

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