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When Action Bronson announced his Blue Chips 2 Tour, partygoers, promoters and security all knew that they were signing up for a rap version of WWE.

Well, if they didn’t, they know now.

Bronsolini’s latest stop in Portland brought the royal rumble to the forefront when a security guard made the mistake of trying to prevent the “Amadu Diablo” star from lighting up what appeared to be marijuana.

As the crowd cheered on their hero during what seemed to be the conclusion of the concert, Bronson sparked up on stage as the guard rushed behind him just as he decided to throw the joint offstage. In a seamless motion, he lit up another one and the guard tackled him around the neck in an almost choking fashion, causing the second spoil to hit the ground.

Reverting immediately into attack mode, Bronson gave the guard a forceful shove before planting his body weight to deliver a second push that sent the poor guy flying.

Due to the dim lighting, it was hard to tell what was bruised more between his butt and his ego.

Defeated and embarrassed, the guard picked himself up and shined his flashlight to the crowd to signify one last act of empowerment struggle as Bronson triumphantly marched off the stage.

San Francisco, you’re up next. Try to keep it classy for Bam Bam.

Watch one angle of the security scuffle below and hit the flip for another one.

[via Oregon Live]

Photo: Instagram

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