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The time and effort it takes for an independent artist to legitimately blow up is better shown than verbally explained.

The pressing and marketing of materials and merchandise can be a full-time job in itself and that’s not including the creative process of actually making art that can sell.

Thurz has been on the grind since his critically acclaimed L.A. Riot was released in 2011 and he knows the game like the Black skin side of his hand.

Instead of churning out another song/visual mashup like his competitors, he outlines his personal daily hustle which isn’t limited to juggling time with his significant other, being exactly where his manager needs him to be at (the exact time), and making major moves for minor victories (such as landing a song on the radio).

Director Pablo Balderas captures the California native’s interactions within the city’s limitless spectrum. The premise revolves around the time Power 106’s Mando Fresko broke his record “Ah Man” on the radio. It also doubles as a behind-the-scenes video for the aforementioned record where Thurz handpicks old school gear such as Cross Colors and Champion basketball jerseys for the shoot.

Check out the short film below and hit the flip to see the “Ah Man” video.

Photo: YouTube

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