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Rap fans that are looking forward to child murderer George Zimmerman catching a fade from the unpredictable hands of DMX, may not want to push that Pay-Per-View button just yet.

Fox News caught up with Earl Simmons in South Carolina to check on the validity of his confirmation that he was indeed moving forward with the struggle bout.

Reporter Cody Alcorn waiting patiently for X at his residence when he pulled up in red Escalade and immediately agreed to the interview, not before flashing his new driver license.

The million dollar question was whether or not he was going through with the fight, but the rapper had a few money demands of his own. Mainly, Zimmerman could not financially gain from his pending spectacle for attention.

“Well, I was challenged, I was challenged. You know, I still haven’t really decided if I would do it,” X told FOX. “But if I did do it, the money going to him would have to go to charity.”

DMX was in a chipper mood when conducting the interview but his appearance was a tad bit disheveled and haggard. He sported an unshaven bald head and plain white t-shirt with the Fruit of the Loom sticker still pasted on it. His publicist Domenick Nati said no contract or agreement has been signed but there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the rapper’s purse wouldn’t be pocketed into his own bank account.

Regardless, X still guaranteed a victory, saying “I will gladly beat the s**t outta him.”

Check out the full video below. Seriously, though. How is X able to obtain a valid driver’s license in any state?

[via FOX Carolina]

Photo: FOX Carolina