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Over the weekend, standout Missouri Tigers defensive end Michael Sam publicly announced that he is gay. Projected to go high in the upcoming NFL draft, Sam was supported by some pro players but former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton took to Twitter with other thoughts.

In two interviews with ESPN and The New York Times, Sam spoke to the gravity of his decision to come out and decided it was up to him to share his truth. After the clips made their rounds around the Web, Crayton tweeted his thoughts and took on a barrage from critics as well.

“Oh wow!!! There goes the NFL!,”tweeted Crayton after ESPN shared the story on the social media network.

Crayton continued with tweets reading “trying to figure out why announce” and “Stay in the closet and keep to urself!!!,” getting a few cosigns. Crayton also chimed in on tweets from others with similar thoughts about Sam’s announcement, essentially adding to his controversial statements from earlier.

Crayton then addressed his critics in a series of tweets.

“Let me break it down for everyone. A lot of people are mad because I said there goes the nFL. I say that because now this young man is [going] To get all the wrong attention for his sexual choice and a lot of players and execs will get asked about playing with a gay guy and they are Going to have to lie about how they really feel,” wrote Crayton.

Crayton continued his tweets saying that he thinks Sam’s decision to announce his orientation will loom larger than his ability to play the game. Sam has not responded to Crayton’s tweets thus far.

Hit the jump to see Patrick Crayton’s tweets regarding Missouri Tigers DE Michael Sam coming out as gay.

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