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Today, February 17, 2014 will forever be known as the day #GhettoJeopardy was born. The illusive hashtag popped up online this afternoon and Black Twitter can’t look away.

Much like a visual car crash, #GhettoJeopardy is a scattering of slanderous questions open for various interpretations like, “This N—a Is A Trash Rapper And Cannot Play Ball” (that could really be anybody at this point). There are also more obvious examples like the following: “This is the City in Europe N—as Go To When They ‘Ball So Hard’ And People Trying To Located Them.”

Being that #GhettoJeopardy isn’t a real thing there are of course no wagers to be earned by playing. Instead, getting sucked in the #GhettoJeopardy cypher might give you a laugh –at first, until you realize that the “game” is riddled with so many stereotypes and examples of ignorance, that one can’t help but wonder if we’re actually the joke, vs. the joker, in this equation.

Happy Black History Month.

Check out 15 tweets from #GhettoJeopardy below.

Photos: Twitter

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