67 Year Old Man Beats The Crap Out Of Black Man For Disrespecting Him [Video]


The saying goes to respect one’s elders and somebody had to learn the hard way as a man was embarrassed and beaten up by a 67-Year-Old man.

After taking offense to a remark about performing a spit shine for some Stacy Adams shoes, a Black man goes on a verbal assault while on a bus with the older white man.

Unwilling to back down, the elder stated that he isn’t afraid of him, which most have rubbed the Black man the wrong way as he continued to try and send threats of placing his foot inside his rectum.

Everything blew out of proportion after the elder went to his seat and the Black man, having been verbally provoked, went to the front of the bus to slap the man.

What happens next, nobody could have saw coming.

HAHA…notice how at first the girls are saying to kick the old man’s butt, but after he’s left in blood they tell him he can file charges.

Only in America, people.  Only in America.

This just goes to show to not think you are something that you are not or else you might end up slumped over spitting blood out of your mouth.