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When speaking on women, a certain level thickness can only be described as cornbread fed. It’s as if the mass amounts of soul in the food has filled them out in all right places, which we’re not mad at in any regard.

Our latest Bangin Candy, Bay Area native Brittney Toneé, clearly fits the bill. The mocha complected beauty isn’t ashamed of her assets, as can be seen in her Instagram photos. Oddly enough, she’s yet to equal in social media status like some of her modeling peers, but that has no bearing on how pleasing Brittney Toneé is to the eye.

The California local appreciates her physique, so she very open about her passion for staying in shape. In a perfect world, the self-described “fitness enthusiast” would pass on her health tips to other shapely women. The more the merrier is our stance.

See why in a gallery of Brittney Toneé on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram, Dymusa, TL Glam Studio

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