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Kanye West has dabbled with long form videos and movies in the past, and rumors that he was developing a film version of Yeezus with screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis surfaced earlier this month. Now, an alleged photo of the script and West’s notes have leaked to the Web thus sparking rumblings that the movie is currently moving ahead in development.

SlamXHype says they have an exclusive insider look at the developing script for Yeezus, complete with handwritten instructions allegedly written by West himself. Ellis confirmed in an interview with VICE that he was pegged by West to write the script, and was inspired by the Yeezus album after he was given an advanced copy. SlamXHype said they paid big money for the script score and, if true, Liam Neeson will play the role of Jesus.

From SlamXHype:

It’s rough and wild and makes almost no (maybe the expected amount of) sense. Our minds = blown. If you got a chance to see any of the Yeezus Tour, you’ll recognize the scene as it appears that Ellis is sticking literally to the plot of Kanye’s tour: the page comes from a scene in which Kanye meets Jesus at the top of a mountain, who tasks him with “ending the world’s ambivalence.” In the notes, which seem to be written by West himself, he indicates that Jesus should be played by actor Liam Neeson (which is amazing).

Of course, there’s no confirming if this script will come to life but West has pulled off zanier moves than this over the course of his career.

Earlier today, it was reported that tickets to upcoming Yeezus tour dates in New York had their prices lowered due to poor ticket sales with some also being given away.

What do you think of Kanye West’s potential script for the Yeezus movie? Is it doing too much or not enough? Let us know in the comments.

Hit the jump to see a full-size shot of the script.

Photo: Alberto Reyes/WENN

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