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Black students at the UCLA School of Law have been rallying together against a growing presence of racism on the campus. After students questioned the support of a controversial law professor and created a video regarding the racial disparity at UCLA, some say they have been bombarded with bold racist attacks.

A critical point of the contention between Black and white law students began when students began to openly support professor Richard Sander, who has spoken at length about how he feels affirmative action doesn’t help Black students and finds them to be ill-equipped.

White students wore “Team Sander” t-shirts in support of Professor Sander, angering the small but vocal Black student body at the school. After creating an awareness campaign about the racial divide and the aforementioned video, students say they have been getting vicious responses.

Above The Law Redline has more:

For reasons passing understanding, the video pissed a lot of people off. Undoubtedly, some, but not all, of the people who didn’t like the video were also in fact racist. That subset of students decided to take things to a whole different level.

Students started ripping down posters and flyers put up by the Black Law Students Association on campus. One black woman complained that a white student stopped her in an elevator and questioned her about her “crime-ridden neighborhood.” The crescendo was the “n-word” note that was left in a student’s campus mailbox last week.

Above The Law writer Elie Mystal has been covering Professor Sander’s tenure at the school and also followed up on the UCLA incidents. Mystal reached out to UCLA Law dean Rachel Moran, who said she has contacted the student that received the n-word note and has addressed the entire campus. Photos of the note, which read “stop being a sensitive n*gger,” has been circulated online.

The UCLA police are investigating the alleged incidents, and Dean Moran says she will continue to focus on finding ways to ease the concerns of Black law students. Out of 994 students, only 33 are Black.

The photo shown in this article is being worn by students in support of the Black UCLA law students, according to the Chicago Defender.

Post-racial America, at it again, right?

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