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Yes; you read that right. Omar Epps was spotted wearing a skirt on The View and naturally Lord Jamar was none too pleased. Comedian Marlon Wayans stepped up for his BFF and a new Twitter beef was born.

To many people’s surprise, including those who hold Juice in such high accord, Omar Epps appeared om The View to promote his hit television show Resurrection. The Love & Basketball actor strolled on stage with what appeared to be a leather miniskirt over his trousers.

Lord Jamar took to Twitter to express his disappointment in Epps. What should have been just another 140 characters of displeasure about the feminization of the Black man, according to the Brand Nubian founding member, turned into an online slander session with Marlon Wayans.

While Marlon tried to justify his childhood friend’s fashion style as “evolving,” Jamar was not having any of it. Peep the back and forth exchange on the following pages.

Do you agree with Wayans about the culture abandoning the baggy look or does Jamar have a point? Let us know in the comments section.

Photo: ABC / Youtube

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