Omar Epps might want to start throwing salt over his shoulder or saving pennies to stave off whatever may await him after slandering Lil B on Twitter this week. The BasedGod clapped back at the Juice star in his normal fashion with his fans all swarming in to protect the Bay Area rapper.

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Omar Epps appeared on Larry King Now to promote his current television show Resurrection and discuss the possibility of a reunion to hit drama House. However things got extremely interesting when the waning moments before Tupac Shakur’s fatal drive-by became a topic of discussion.

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Yes; you read that right. Omar Epps was spotted wearing a skirt on The View and naturally Lord Jamar was none too pleased. Comedian Marlon Wayans stepped up for his BFF and a new Twitter beef was born.

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Buried deep within your Netflix queue of House Of Cards Season Two and Family Guy, you’ll find these top classic Hip-Hop flicks streaming on the service.


Tomorrow (January 17), the 1992 Hip-Hop classic film Juice will be celebrating its 22nd anniversary. In support of the milestone and to capture the film’s impact on the culture, Myspace has released an oral history of the film built from the comments of those who were involved.


For die-hard Tupac Shakur fans, this may be a deal to keep all eyes on. The late rapper’s signed contract for his appearance in the 1992 cult classic Juice recently hit the Internet market and is being auctioned off on eBay for $6,500, reports XXL. Juice, the movie that catapulted Pac into film stardom with […]

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Juice 20th Anniversary – The Music Videos   Twenty years ago today, the film Juice debuted in theaters. Starring Omar Epps and Tupac Shakur, the Ernest R. Dickerson directed film has become a cult classic among Hip-Hop heads. The film followed four friends who were coming of age in Harlem; their lives quickly spiraling from […]