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Buried deep within your Netflix queue of House Of Cards Season Two and Family Guy, you’ll find these top classic Hip-Hop flicks streaming on the service.

Netflix is hit or miss when it comes to finding Hip-Hop movies. At any time you can stumble across a classic gem starring Pam Grier, but other attempts find failures like Budz House or Phat Beach.

If you look hard enough, you’ll discover some pretty insane music documentaries that star Tupac Shakur or Jay Z, but are only available if you rent the actual DVD. These films include content about the culture of Hip-Hop, graffiti, rhyming, and other influential topics that today’s rap stars have explicitly boasted about in their lines.

So, we decided to dig into the service and find the top 20 Hip-Hop flicks currently streaming on Netflix.

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We start off with the film that spotlighted the talents of the late, great Tupac Shakur


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For anyone left who hasn’t seen Tupac Shakur’s performance in this film, Juice is one where his talent clearly shines above the rest and is worth a few repeat watches.

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