“Once the deal was inked and solidified, I knew that Jon knew enough about our culture to uphold the ingretity of our brand,” T.I. chimed in. “Once he was one board, I was able to just back up and wait for the magic to happen.”

A dash of magic seems appeared to indeed have touched the idea, as it combines a vintage look with a fresh overhaul, that never should exceed any sort of trend calendar year. A feat T.I. was well aware of.

“The fashion industry works so far ahead of time, sometimes I don’t meet deadlines with my critiques and the show the must go on,” he humbly admits. “However, 80-85 percent I’m able to chime in. See, it’s like this. The focus will only shift off your clothing line if you allow it to. The only thing that brought people to the clothing like is you! [As in the artist]. If you remove yourself from the equation, you have nothing!”

A quick backtrack towards memory lane during your own high school/early adulthood years will attribute to the knowledge that Tip is displaying. Urban fashion especially has the daunting task of being analyzed with the association’s buzz but giving AKOO’s ability to stay competitive–even given T.I.’s legal troubles–says something for the message they represent.

“A lot of times, the clothes have been hyped up so much, people are catching on to the fact that they are being force-fed into something that’s not exciting they say it is,” T.I. continued, obviously not done lambasting his rivals who proved themselves to be not completely serious about servicing an audience’s needs. “The quality of the garments don’t always justify the amount of hype it gets. Same with music. You hear so much about an album and then one of your actually friends hear and say, ‘Man, that sh*t wasn’t all that,’ you lose interest! It all boils down to the sincerity and applications put in place to promote that clothing line that make a difference.”


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