Taking photos that already existed and renewing them onto clothing are easy to get lost in the sauce but the snapshots Mannion chose to be the face of Summer/Fall 2014 are ones he’s treasured since the day he took them.

“These pieces are the ones that represent lifestyle, it’s a bigger picture that’s presented and not about personal preferences between the artist and the fan,” he states. “This is something that feels familiar. Like for instance, I remember when I was 15-years-old and saving up for a chain I saw in a jewelry store and that’s what the line represents to me. Showing the type of layers of cultures from Hawaii to Brooklyn, to Memphis to Kentucky! It’s a little something for everybody. From the Marcy’s project sign I shot in front of Jay’s building to the ‘G-Thing with the car raised up I shot in Hawaii.”

To sumarize, Mannion punctuated his opinion with, “It’s fresh. It’s a nice full thought.”

In other words, it’s fit for anyone who strives to be royalty with whatever they put their mind to.

Visit AKOO Clothing Co. online at www.akooclothingbrand.com and follow on them on Twitter to get easy access to get fitted like a King (or Queen).

Continue on through the gallery to see pictures of the pieces T.I. and Mr. Mannion are so proud to present.

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