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The chances of winning the billion dollar prize for Warren Buffet’s March Madness contest were next to impossible to begin with.

The chances of winning it in 2014’s NCAA tournament were definitely impossible.

While an early upset from a big school like Ohio State was obviously a bracket buster, Mercer defeating expected Final Four Duke team was undoubtedly the death blow.

And Warren Buffett’s billion bucks won’t be budging out his bank account as result.


“They don’t call it madness because the games are boring — Duke going down left my own bracket in flames. With the loss by George Washington, there are officially no more perfect brackets in the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Challenge with Yahoo Sports,” wrote Yahoo’s Ken Fuchs in a Tumblr post. “We started with millions, then we were down to 16 after the New Mexico loss. And now, alas, we have reached the end of the road to riches.”

Buffett announced his contest, which was insured so he wouldn’t actually have to cough up that money himself (though he could probably afford it), earlier this year sparking maybe not $1 billion-worth of publicity but certainly not a small amount.

Forbes also reported Warren Buffett made a billion dollars just as the tournament was underway, thanks to spikes in the stock market.

The rich just know stay wealthy.

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