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Dorothy Owens of Memphis, TN always encouraged every branch of her family tree to seek higher learning. Even if she couldn’t do so herself.

Owens, 92, took it upon herself to drop out of high school and support her family after her father passed away way back when. The selfless service instilled in her was also passed down to her teen granddaughter who sought to reward Ms. Dorothy for her years of servitude.

She wrote to her alma mater Booker T. Washington to make up for the lost time in the classroom.


Dorothy Owens’ father died and because of a leg injury, she was forced to drop out of high school. She started working to help support her family.

However, Owens has always encouraged her children and grandchildren to pursue education.

Her granddaughter made it her goal to grant the one wish her grandma has ever requested.

Owens’ granddaughters wrote a letter to her high school, Booker T. Washington, asking for an honorary diploma.

This February, on her 92nd birthday, she received an honorary diploma from Booker T. Washington High School.

Owens was overjoyed with the Certificate of Attendance.

Check out the gallery for pics of the ceremony. That’s how you make an elderly woman beam with pride.

Photo: KLTV/Facebook

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