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Female “athletes” around the world are rallying behind the idea that their “sport” of pole dancing be considered for the 2012 Olympics.

A group of women headed by pole dancer KT Coates from England are putting together a petition for the organizers of the Olympics. They hope to have pole dancing considered as a “test event” for the upcoming games in London before being formally added to the bill in 2016.

An excerpt from Coates’ petition says,

“After a great deal of feedback from the pole-dance community, many of us have decided that it’s about time pole fitness is recognized as a competitive sport, and what better way for recognition than to be part of the 2012 Olympics held in London…”

So far the athlete has 4,000 signatures for her cause and hopes to add 1,000 more.

Ania Przeplasko of Hong Kong, the founder of the International Pole Dancing Fitness Association, agrees with Coates and believes that its only a matter of time before the art of dance is added to lineup.

She tells the Associated Press,

“There will be a day when the Olympics see pole dancing as a sport. The Olympic community needs to acknowledge the number of people doing pole fitness now. We’re shooting for 2012.”