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Terrell Owens is obviously hurting in the attention department and he’s making a cry for help in an assortment of way.

First there was an inexplicable video of him claiming he could beat Michael Jordan in basketball. Now Rachel Snider, the woman who felt like two weeks were much too long to be he his wife, is accusing him of leaking nude photos of her online.

Snider isn’t disputing that the raunchy pics aren’t of her. But she’s saying that they were exclusively sent to him during their short-living rendezvous and the pickings are very slim for guilty parties.

Via TMZ:

Nude pics of Terrell Owens’ estranged wife have popped up on the Internet … and she’s hinting that T.O. may be responsible for leaking them.

The photos of Rachel Snider hit Twitter today showing the ex-postal worker posing for bathroom selfies … some topless, some bottomless … and some that look like they’re straight out of Hustler.

Gotta say … some of ’em do make ya think T.O. should try to patch things up.

Snider confirmed the pics are definitely her, but adds they were taken for T.O. … and intended for his eyes only.

Translation: she thinks he could be connected to the the Twitter handle sending out the pics.

Rachel says she’s contacted Twitter HQ to report the user behind the x-rated tweets, but so far they’re still up.

T.O.’s rep hasn’t responded to our calls for comment.

Check out the NSFW but censored pics of Ms. Owens Snider in the gallery.

Photo: Twitter/Mcbeth54781411

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