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“F is for the Fatty’s wearing my isshhh.”

As was the case for lyrics in the golden era of Hip-Hop, FUBU was the brand that everybody was about in the urban community.

Being helmed as For Us By Us, the company that was founded in 1992 was competing with the heavyweights such as Nike and essentially holding down New York fashion.

Rappers ranging from Diddy to LL Cool J to Master P donned the clothing and FUBU stood as THE attire for urban America.

A new decade brings a new page for the clothing brand, and rapper Jadakiss looks to help usher back in the movement as he’s now endorsing the brand, which had been renamed FB.

Already a spokesman for Coogi, Kiss is helping to relaunch the brand and reflected on his memories of the company during a recent photo shoot.

“When I was coming up, that was one of the most poppinest pieces you had to get.  Whether it be the jersey, the hat, the t-shirt, you needed that, especially coming in the game in the early 90s.  Just getting in the game, just signing to Bad Boy.  That was one of the guru’s of the early fashion thing.”

Back when Fubu was on top: