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Drake and Rihanna are marauding around Europe like a pair of teenaged lovebirds but not everyone in the OVO camp is co-signing the “Take Care” canoodling.

The Internets has a way of bringing everything out to light and an unsuspecting groupie, thought her Twitter comments of hearing Drake’s friends bash his new baby would go unnoticed.

Via Bossip:

A concert-goer who claims to have gotten invited to party with Drake’s friends by a member of his entourage allegedly told a friend of hers that his boys admitted to not being team-Rih-Rih. Her comments later made their way onto Twitter…

In addition to saying Rih was a beyotch, the “fan” also claimed they made this comment about the infamous Chris Brown assault.

The “friend” later deleted her Tweets after the RihannaNavy ethered her mentions, but if there’s any truth to to these comments, Drizzy might have some explaining to do…

The ether must have been insufferable because “Sarah O” later abandoned ship, leaving only the confused Twitter birdie behind as a souvenir.

There are three sides to every story but it is peculiar that someone would try to throw the “Steve Nash” guy under the bus.

Check out the gallery to see the juicy hearsay, regardless.

Photo: Instagram/OB O’Brien

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