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What’s going on with the house that Ronald McDonald built? Is the Taco Bell breakfast that much of a threat?

A couple of former McDonald’s managers are abandoning their Golden Arches code of ethics and admitting that their superiors forced them to skim their employee’s wages, as the lawsuits pile up faster than a doo-doo cruise line.

Via Gothamist:

“I’ve had employees literally clock out to work because they were either going into overtime or labor was getting extremely high and we had to balance it,” reveals Kwanza Brooks, a McDonald’s manager for 10 years in multiple stores in North Carolina and Maryland. “I have witnessed deductions being done with employees whether it was uniform, a name tag, a meal, whether it was anything. They would deduct and they would take it out of your payroll.”

“My GM was sitting at the office desk and notified me and four other managers that there was a crew member that went over 40 hours,” recalls Lakia Williams, a six year veteran managing three different stores. “She was going to take the rest of those hours and put them on the following pay period.” Other examples of theft include denying employees breaks—while docking them the time anyway—forcing employees to clock out but continue working and making employees work off the clock before and after their scheduled times.

Both Lakia and Kwanza also admit that the employees who suffered from these shady practices weren’t kids saving up for a pair of new Jordans. They were full-time mothers who actually needed the paycheck for Pampers and sew-ins.

The fast food giant is currently juggling lawsuits in California, Michigan and New York for the unsolicited wage garnishing.

The struggle is definitely Super-Sized. On a related note, check out famed NYC street artist Banksy’s “Shoe Shine” exhibit where he dissed seven Mickey D’s right in front of their own doors.

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