I AM THE WEST…is the name of my new record. After completing about 65% of my music, this is the perfect title.”

Although becoming known for his heavy activity within the movie industry, Ice Cube does make his way back to his breeding grounds and places himself in the booth.

Outside of those kiddie flicks, Cube was still part of N.W.A. and was able to provide political and social commentary during the span of his solo career.

Releasing the project Raw Footage back in 2008, the rapper/actor is going in for the ninth round with the announcement of his next release, I Am The West.

Stating that the album should be dropping over the summer, Cube adds that he is returning to his roots and has committed the music to bringing an authentic west coast sound instead of blending with the South or the Midwest as the music has been for almost the past decade.

Utilizing his new blog, The Voice of Cube, at, the rapper gave the lowdown on what to expect for the June/July release.

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