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When Jay Electronica speaks, it’s usually in the spirit of something greater. Today, the reclusive rapper took to Twitter to rant about about a cluster of topics, including crooked police, so-called thugs who will kill one of their own before fighting for a greater good and much more.

Lacking any true focus, Jay Elec spoke free of form on how people contradict themselves. “your gun don’t really go off. only against your brother who is in the mud like you. coward,” he wrote in one message. But on the same token, the New Orleans native asked how “thugs” and “goons” walk by George Zimmerman on a daily basis without reacting to a clear injustice.

Electronica then discussed his feelings on media and frustrations with “art industries” overall.

Electronica’s closing statement revealed that his heartfelt words were partially inspired by this video of a white cop unlawfully arresting a Louisiana man. The wordsmith would go on to post an ever more extreme clip that you can find on his Twitter page.

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