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The Combat Jack Show has a collective willingness to speak on topics of a greater purpose. With past shows highlighting cultural events like the Trayvon Martin case, the importance of therapy, and much more, Combat Jack and company took an episode to discuss a word with an unparalleled history — the n-word.

Says Combat Jack:

What’s in a word? Obviously a lot as far as “n***er” is concerned. The media and politicians say “ban it” but how impossible is it to make the world’s most dangerous word disappear from existence? And do we really know what it means? Hakim Green of Channel Live fame walks us through this black word’s history, it’s etymology, and explains why this word will never go away, and why we should embrace and cherish rather than shun it. Also, Sean C. and L.V. talk their musical history and why we should cop their new album ‘Loud Dreams’ for only $Free Ninety Nine. My lips is like an oowop as I start to spray it.

Gain some insight via the full stream below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: YouTube/Complex