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Wheel of Fortune is generally a game of chance…until the words are literally right in your face.

A student from Indiana University by the name of Julian, couldn’t see the big money with his own two eyes and brought great shame on his school when the only thing standing between him and winning $1 million was for him to read out the puzzle, which was already laid out in full.

The title read “Mythological Hero Achilles” but Julian decided to pronounce the Illiad’s star as name as “H-a-liss.” Host Pat Sajak dryly rejected the answer and it was correctly guessed by another contestant.

Julian’s face was stuck on stupid until his next acts of struggle where he missed easy softballs “The World’s Fastest -a-” and “-n Th- Sp-t D-c-s–n.” Tragically, the former would have won him a new car.

In the end, it is being reported that the Hoosier actually won the game, which should reflect poorly on the admissions offices at Alabama and Texas A&M, who were also being represented.

Check out the video below and cringe because that’s not you in the situation.

H/T: Sports Illustrated

Photo: CBS