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An elderly man was so fed up with his blind wife’s nagging that he killed her. Jack Lang of Oak Creek, Wis. has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide.

The 77, year-old called 911 last Wednesday (April 16) after he shot June Lang — his wife of 56 years– in the face, then failed at trying to kill himself. The wife’s body was found next to the couple’s bed, police said.

Jack told police that Mrs. Lang had been nagging him for weeks and “wouldn’t shut up.”

The day that he “lost it,” Jack and June were on their way to lunch. He wasn’t feeling well at the time and told authorities that she called him names like “baby,” and was basically “giving him hell” because he wanted to go home. She had also been criticizing him for not being able to “give her a good time anymore,” and because he needed help doing things around the house (likely because he’s old).

When the couple returned home, Jack grabbed a .22 caliber pistol from another room, and walked into the bedroom where Mrs. Lang was in bed. He told her that he had a gun, but she didn’t believe him and kept on complaining. So, he shot her.

He also tried to shoot himself three times, but was unsuccessful (karma). He now faces life in prison.

Photo: Oak Creek Wisconsin Police